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Bobby Majimbun (student of SOM 2011)
Currently is a Youth Pastor, SIB Likas, Sabah

I am thankful for Tung Ling and the friends that came along the way. It has been an awesome journey thus far, and being in SOM is just another milestone in my life. I would not trade it for anything, even though it means being away from home for three months. I have recognized the importance of being equipped and to have a well-disciplined life if we are to be shepherds of God’s people. Personally there is nothing greater than to love God in my personal journey and also to love God through my service towards all people. I have been re-fired by God and refreshed by the friendship developed through this time. Every person in SOM 2011 is so important in God’s sight and everyone had in one way or another impacted my life. After these three months, I want to continue to love and appreciate people, and to continue to hunger for His word and His presence.

Rachel Koh (student of SOM 2000)
Currently is a Pastor of Praise City Church, Melaka

Practical ministry training which I received through the 3 months like worship leading, hermeneutics, sharing of devotions, hearing the voice of God equipped me as I plunged into my first early years as a member of pastoral staff. It was also in Tung Ling that I was exposed even more to song writing. All of it really prepared me well to face the challenges of being a pastor.

The pressures in being a minister have helped me to mature even more. However, it was the journey which God took me through in Tung Ling Seminary in year 2000 which helped to mould me and prepare me to stay strong and soar with God when serving Him.