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a) Lecture Hours:
Mon – Friday  : 6.45 pm– 10.45 pm
Saturday  : 8.30 am – 1.30 pm

b) Dates and Modules



Module / Course Description



22-27 Jan 2018

Leadership II – Training Faithful Men, Mentoring and Church Structures

Course Description
As a church grows, a Pastor must raise his own leaders. A church can only grow up to the level where the needs of the sheep are met. If a Pastor does not raise leaders, the church can never grow. This course equips Pastors to raise leaders, train faithful men and mentor them. Church leadership structures will also be taught.

Dr. Colin Hurt


2-7 April 2018

Pastoral Ministry I (Evangelism, Church Admin, Cell Groups, Cell Church Concepts and Shepherding)

Dr. Colin Hurt


16-21 July 2018

Theology II – Overview of Theology (Eschatology, Pentecostal Theology)

Course Description
This course gives and an understanding of end times and Pentecostal Movement from a theological view point.

Dr. Neal Patterson


1-6 Oct 2018

Exposition of Revelation

Course Description:
This 25 hour exposition of Revelation will give a clearer understanding of this difficult and often controversial prophetic book written by John. As we see more natural disasters in the world today, we cannot ignore the fact that much of it was prophesied by John in the book of Revelation. This is again a timely opportunity to get a fresh understanding of this book.

David Searle

c) Lecturers’ Profile

i) Lecturer: Dr. Colin Hurt

Dr. Colin Hurt has been in ministry for more than 50 years which includes pastoral experience with the Assemblies of God (AOG) in England and USA, lecturer at the AOG Bible College in UK, missionary service in West Malaysia and setting up the Church Planting Institute in Cambodia. He teaches on a wide range of subjects from Missions, Church Planting, Prayer & Fasting, Survey of the Gospels, Leadership etc.



ii) Lecturer : Dr. Neal Patterson

Dr Neal Patterson is a gifted lecturer and has been in the ministry for over 50 years. Together with his wife, Ruth, they have pioneered and pastored several churches in New Zealand and established Bible schools in Singapore and Indonesia. In particular, Neal was Senior Minister of a large thriving church, Napier Christian Fellowship located in Napier, New Zealand. Neal Patterson served at Tung Ling Bible College Singapore for 7 years and during 4 of these years, he was the Principal. Presently, he travels extensively to various countries to minister to a wider body of Christ and to teach at Bible Schools.


iii) Lecturer: David Searle

David Searle has been in ministry for 27 years. Since 1983, David was involved in the pastoral and teaching ministry of Waverly Christian Fellowship (WCF), working closely with the Senior Pastor Dr. Kevin Conner. David also had pastoral responsibility for staff and students of Waverley Christian College (WCC). He was on the eldership and on the Board of Directors of both the WCF and WCC and regularly teaches the Key of Knowledge Seminar together with Kevin Conner. In 1994, David was sent out from WCF and inducted as the Senior Minister at Good News Fellowship, where he ministered for six years. Prior to coming out full time, he was a teacher and lectured in Biblical Archaeology in the Australian Institute of Archaeology



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