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  Pastoral Interns Program (PIP) Overview

How our Pastoral Interns Program works?

The Pastoral Interns Program (PIP) offers both Diploma and Bachelor of Ministry courses. The course is a combination of lectures, assignments and practical work. To gain credits, the students must complete the following:-

•  Attend lectures, sit and pass an examinations for that module.
•  Complete reading assignments and elective texts.
•  Complete practicum supervised by a mentor

When a student accumulates sufficient credits by completing these modules, he will be awarded the Diploma/Degree of ministry. A student will take approximately 3 years for the Diploma and 4 ½ years for the Degree of Ministry.

This course is suitable for, but not limited to, students who have completed the 12 weeks School of Ministry foundation course or its equivalent.

The course is uniquely tailored to allow full-time workers having ministries in their own churches to attend it without interfering with those job functions. For example, a pastor from another town can attend PIP courses while still pastoring his Church in his own town.

This course is also suitable for people holding secular jobs. They can attend the 'night classes' for 6 weeks per year. They can also take one to two weeks leave per year to attend the 'day classes.'

The PIP is designed to suit your needs.

It is our belief that the best method of training and releasing men and women into the harvest field is to combine sound theological teaching with "on the job" training in an environment where these men and women are mentored simultaneously. Mentoring and character building are emphasized in this course.

Here, it is a prerequisite that a suitable mentor be identified, prefarably in the same Church, before the candidate is accepted.


Each subject in the PIP is worth 5 credits and consists of 3 components. Students must complete all the 3 components of the subject before the 5 credits are awarded.

  • Lectures and Examinations
    Attend 25 hours of lecturers. Lectures will be held over 1 week for the Day School and 3 weeks for the Night School. A student has to sit and pass an examination at the end of the lectures.
  • Assignments
    Complete all assignments related to the course within the next 5 months. Assignments include completing elective text studies and reading assignments. Students must submit fortnightly reports documenting the things learned from the reading assignments.
  • Practicum Supervised by a Mentor
    The student has to be mentored in the place he/she is serving and submit Practicum reports documenting his/her activities. The length of the practicum would depend on whether the student is serving full time. A student serving full time generally requires 2½ months practicum for every 5 credits whilst a non full time student requires 3 months practicum.


Duration of the Pastoral Interns Program
'Night School" students can take 2 subjects per year thereby earning 10 credits per year.

By attending both Day and Night School, he/she can take 4 subjects per year and earn 20 credits, and thereby complete his/her Diploma of Ministry in 3 years and the Degree of Ministry in 4–5 years.