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  Time Table 2018

Pastoral Interns Program 2018

Degree/Diploma Program


1) TERM 1 : January 8 -18, 2018

a) DAY CLASS - General Education ( A Christian Perspective on finance, law and taxation)

8-12 Jan 2018 (8 am – 1 pm)
Course Description: One of the essential elements for a church to grow is that the church must be well organized and functional structures are in place. This module equips a pastor to plan his church administration and finances well.

Lecturers: Voon Yuen Woh (Finance), Lee Choong San (Tax) and George Chong (Law)

Voon Yuen Woh is a Certificate Public Accountant. In 1990, he left his position as a Financial Controller to pioneer and serve as a full time pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban. Presently, he is the Vice President of EE Asia.

Lee Choong San is a Director of Yuen Chun Industries Sdn Bhd. He is a Licensed Tax Agent and Chartered Accountant and was formerly a Tax Partner with Ernst & Young Tax Consultants Sdn Bhd, having 24 years of experience working as a tax consultant in Malaysia and Australia. He serves as a church leader in Full Gospel Tabernacle (Subang Jaya).

George Chong Kok Choy is a partner in Messrs. Lee, Perara & Tan, Advocates & Solicitors and hold degrees in both Law and Economics from Monash University. He is a practicing lawyer since 1994.

b) NIGHT CLASS - Leadership II (Training Faithful Men, Mentoring, Church Structures)
8,9,11,15,16,17,18 Jan 2018 (7 – 10 pm)
13 Jan 2018 (2 - 6 pm)
Course Description: As a church grows, a Pastor must raise his own leaders. A church can only grow up to the level where the needs of the sheep are met. If a Pastor does not raise leaders, the church can never grow. This course equips Pastors to raise leaders, train faithful men and mentor them. Church leadership structures will also be taught.

Lecturer: Dr. Colin Hurt
Dr. Colin Hurt has been in ministry for more than 50 years which includes pastoral experience with the Assemblies of God (AOG) in England and USA, lecturer at the AOG Bible College in UK, missionary service in West Malaysia and setting up the Church Planting Institute in Cambodia. He teaches on a wide range of subjects from Missions, Church Planting, Prayer & Fasting, Survey of the Gospels, Leadership etc.




 2) TERM 2 : July 2 -12, 2018 

a) DAY CLASS - Theology II - Overview of Theology (Eschatology, Pentecostal Theology)

2-6 July 2018 (8 am – 1 pm)
Course Description: This course gives and an understanding of end times and Pentecostal Movement from a theological view point.

b) NIGHT CALSS - Exposition of Revelation
2,3,5,9,10,11,12 July 2018 (7 – 10 pm)
7 July 2018 (2 – 6 pm)
Course Description: This 25 hour exposition of Revelation will give a clearer understanding of this difficult and often controversial prophetic book written by John. As we see more natural disasters in the world today, we cannot ignore the fact that much of it was prophesied by John in the book of Revelation. This is again a timely opportunity to get a fresh understanding of this book.

Lecturer: Dr. Neal Patterson
Dr Neal Patterson is a gifted lecturer and has been in the ministry for over 50 years. Together with his wife, Ruth, they have pioneered and pastored several churches in New Zealand and established Bible schools in Singapore and Indonesia. In particular, Neal was Senior Minister of a large thriving church, Napier Christian Fellowship located in Napier, New Zealand. Neal Patterson served at Tung Ling Bible College Singapore for 7 years and during 4 of these years, he was the Principal. Presently, he travels extensively to various countries to minister to a wider body of Christ and to teach at Bible Schools.