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How it all began………..
By: Ng Wah Lok  (Updated in Dec 2017)


In the mid-70s, the Charismatic Renewal was sweeping across Singapore and Malaysia. During this time, God gave a vision to a group of brethren from Singapore and New Zealand, among them Elder Goh Ewe Kheng, Canon James Wong, Rev Des Short, Colin Campbell and Gordon Moore to establish a short-term Bible School to equip and prepare workers for the harvest field. With the help of Faith Bible College, New Zealand, a curriculum was developed and in 1978 Tung Ling Bible School was established in Singapore. Tung Ling means ‘Eastern Mountain’ in Mandarin. The founding pioneers believed that God will train many workers in this “Eastern Mountain” and send them to the mission field based on Micah 4:2.  Tung Ling is a ‘School of the Spirit’, charismatic in nature, inter-denominational and maintains a strong emphasis on the Word of God and the present working of the Holy Spirit.

In 1993, God gave a burden to Rev. Dr. Eu Hong Seng to set up Tung Ling Seminary (TLS) in Malaysia to meet the growing needs of Malaysian churches. With the approval of the TLBC Board, Singapore, a Malaysian Board was set up to run the Tung Ling Seminary, Malaysia.

In 2001, Tung Ling expanded her wings to India and conducted the SOM in Chennai, India together with Harvest Training Institute. Tung Ling provided some financial support to assist Harvest Training Institute run the School of Ministry in Tamil. in collaboration with our Tamil Division ( also named Evangelical Theological Seminary).

From 2006-2011, Tung Ling Seminary, Malaysia hosted the Masters Programs in collaboration with Mattersey Hall, United Kingdom, the largest Pentecostal Bible College in Europe. The Post Graduate Programs are validated by the University of Wales, Bangor.  The first batch of students graduated in 2009.

In 2009, Tung Ling Seminary, Manila was launched to run the 12-week School of Ministry. 20 students attended the inaugural course. The Bible School is hosted by Jesus Reigns Ministries and ran for 6 years.

Also in 2009, Tung Ling Seminary launched an extension centre in Ipoh hosted by Ipoh Pastor’s Fellowship. The extension centre offers the 12-week School of Ministry in English.

In 2014, Tung Ling Ipoh launched the 12-weeks School of Ministry in Mandarin.

In 2017, Tung Ling launched the Mandarin Degree Program in Subang Jaya and Ipoh simultaneously.


The SCHOOL OF MINISTRY ( Certificate Program).

TLS commenced with the 3-month School of Ministry (English) in 1993. 13 students attended this inaugural course and through the years, the SOM had trained over 500 students from all over Malaysia and some coming from India, Philippines, Taiwan and Cambodia. Seeing the effectiveness of this course and the growing need to train up workers in the other local languages, TLS set up a Tamil division called Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) in 1998 to run the SOM (Tamil). Rev. Jagadeesan Kumar (India) was appointed to run the Tamil Division. In 1999, Rev Ng Wah Lok was appointed Principal of TLS to oversee the School.

In 2005, TLS launched the SOM (Mandarin). It was well-received with some students flying in from China and Hong Kong to participate in this course. Rev. Paul Huang was appointed Dean to oversee the Mandarin Division.



In 1996, Tung Ling launched a Degree Program called the Pastoral Interns Program (PIP) in English. The PIP offers the 3-5 year Diploma/ Bachelor of Ministry with some of our lecturers from UK (Rev. Colin Hurt, Dr, Glenn Balfour), USA (Brian Deahn), Australia (Dr. Kevin Conner), New Zealand (Dr. Neal Patterson, Dr. John Kirkpatrick), Singapore (Rev. Sophia Tan) and Malaysia (Rev. Voon Yuen Woh). In 2005, Tung Ling launched a similar program in Tamil, jointly run with Maranatha Bible Training Institute, India.

In 2017, we launched the Mandarin PIP Program in Subang Jaya and Ipoh.


The MASTER OF THEOLOGY  ( Master’s Program).

TLS hosted the Master of Theology program in English from 2006 - 2011 offered by Mattersey Hall Graduate School, the largest Pentecostal Bible College in Europe. This Masters Degree is validated by University of Wales, Bangor.

In 2016, Tung Ling again hosted the MA in Practical Theology Program offered by Mattersey and validated by Chester University, UK.

Truly the hand of God has seen the fulfillment of the vision birthed in 1978 and it is our aim to be able to continue training, equipping and sending workers into the harvest fields of Asia and beyond. Together, Tung Ling has trained more than 7000 students since its inception in 1978.