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Tung Ling means “Eastern Mountain”. On the eastern mountain at Bethel, Abram met with God. Later, his grandson Jacob had 2 encounters with God at the some place that were life changing. Those encounters accurately and beautifully illustrate the mandate God has given Tung Ling Bible School.

On that mountain God begun the process of remaking Jacob into a man of God. He introduced Himself as holy (Gen.28: 12-13) and faithful (V.15) and Jacob responded out of a new awareness of God’s character and with a renewed commitment to serve Him. 20 years later God called Jacob again to Bethel. On that occasion (Gen.35) the Lord confirmed all that Jacob had become. He was no longer the fugitive usurper, but a true “Prince of God”. His name was now Israel! He knew who he was. He had purpose in the present and hope for the future.