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  Ipoh PIP (ENG) Overview

Diploma of Ministry/Bachelor of Ministry)

1.0 Introduction and Historical Perspective

Tung Ling Bible College was first established in Singapore in 1979 and since then has been successfully training Christians from all denominations and all walks of life. Tung Ling’s aim is to be as a mountain in the East where men can be prepared for ministry by God as instruments for the building of His house from which He would receive pleasure and glory.

Tung Ling is a “School of the Spirit” and is essentially charismatic in nature. It is inter-denominational in character and maintains a strong emphasis on the Word of God and the present working of the Holy Spirit.

In March 1993, an extension centre was set up in Malaysia to be better able to serve the Malaysian Churches. It is now registered as Tung Ling Seminary.

2.0 Philosophy and Methodology

It is our belief that the best method of training and releasing men and women into harvest field is to combine sound theological teaching with “on the job” training in an environment where these men and women are mentored simultaneously. Mentoring and character building are emphasized in this course.

Here, it is a prerequisite that a suitable mentor be identified, preferably in the same church, before the candidate is accepted.

3.0 Distinctives

At Tung Ling…..

  • We mentor, we take time to share life experiences, one on one and not just impart knowledge
  • We recognize the importance of real life ministry, hands-on training, and the development of people as effective leaders within their own distinct communities. We appreciate the individual’s unique gifts and help each student cultivate such to the fullest.
  • We do more than just train leaders for Sunday morning services. We equip them for the challenges of Monday through Saturday.

4.0 Unique features of the course.

A student requires approximately 3 ½ years to complete the Diploma of Ministry and 4 ½ years for the Degree of Ministry under the Pastoral Interns Program (PIP).

This course is suitable for but not limited to students who have completed the 12 weeks School of Ministry foundation course or its equivalent.

The course is uniquely tailored to allow full time workers having ministries in their local churches to attend it without interfering with their job functions. For example, a Pastor from Malacca can attend the PIP courses while he still pastors his church in Malacca.

This course is also suitable for people holding secular jobs.

Each subject in the PIP is worth 5 credits and consists of 3 components. Students must complete all the 3 components of the subject satisfactorily before the credits are awarded.

a) Lectures and examinations

A student needs to attend approximately 25 hours of lectures for each module. Each module consists of 5 night classes from Monday to Friday and one Saturday morning class. There will be 4 modules each year held quarterly. A student has to sit and pass an examination at the end of the lectures.

b) Assignments

Complete all assignments related to the course. Assignments include completing elective text studies and reading assignments. Students must submit their assignments and practicum when they attend the lectures in the next quarter.

c) Practicum supervised by a mentor

The student has to be mentored in the place he/she is serving and submit practicum reports documenting his/her activities.

5.0 How  are Credits earned ?

A student must complete the following to earn the 5 credits for each subject:-

Sections of the course



Lectures and test


25 hours of lectures followed by test.

Elective Text


Reports be submitted according to schedule.

Reading assignments


Reading to be submitted according to schedule.







When a student has completed all the sections of the course, his results will be sent to him confirming that he has earned his credits.

6.0 Credits needed to graduate with the Diploma/Bachelor of Ministry

Below is a summary of the credits needed to graduate.


Diploma of Ministry

Bachelor of Ministry

Foundation Courses I and II (School of Ministries etc. )



Pastoral Interns Program Diploma Level



Pastoral Interns Program Degree Level

Not applicable


Total credits needed to graduate

96 credits

128 credits

7.0 Intakes and Sessions

4 Modules will be offered each year in the following months:
Jan, April, July and September

Night Classes:
Mon – Friday : 6.45 pm  -10.45 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm

The above lectures exclude personal time needed for assignments.

8.0 Syllabus

The following modules will be offered.

a) Diploma of Ministry  (Need to accumulate 60 credits)

After completing the foundation studies, a student need to accumulate 60 credits in our PIP program to graduate with the Diploma of Ministry.

Core Subjects


Pastoral Ministries I
Evangelism, Church Admin, Cell Groups, Cell Church concepts, Shepherding.

Pastoral Ministries II
Counseling, Psychology, Healing, Ethics.

Leadership I
Understanding Basic Leadership (the 5 Ss – Self, Skills, Shepherding Spirit Man, Spouse)

Leadership II
Training Faithful Men, Mentoring Church Structures.

Theology I
Overview of Theology, Soteriology, Pauline Theology, OT and NT Theology

Biblical Studies 1
Survey of the Gospels and the Life of Christ   

Biblical Studies 2
Survey of the Old Testament

Biblical Studies 3
Genesis and Exodus

Biblical Studies 4

General Education
Basics of Finance, Laws and Tax

Theology II
Eschatology, Pentecostal Theology on healing

World Religion and Cults
Comparative Study of World  Religions & Cults and Apologetics

NT Times and Customs 

b) Bachelor of Ministry (need additional 32 credits)

After completing the Diploma of Ministry, a student has attained 96 credits. To achieve the Degree of Ministry, a student has to complete an additional 32 credits. 12 of these credits must be from the core subjects and the balance 20 credits from the electives.

Core Subjects


Pastoral Ministries III
Premarital Counseling, Marriage Enrichment, Youth Ministry, Sunday School

Pastoral Ministry IV
Church Discipline, Specialized Ministries, Building Vision, Temperament Analysis, Building Relationships

Thesis (12 credits)
20,000 words on an approved subject.

Church Planting and Growth
Pioneering, Methodology, Why Churches decline.

Leadership III
Lifelong leadership

Theology of Mission

Principles of Teaching

9.0 Admission requirements

The applicant must be:-

  • At least 18 years of age at the date of admission. Applicants who are below 21 years of age must have parents/guardian’s letter of consent.
  • Have completed his/her secondary school and submit his/her secondary school results.
    A pass in the MCE/SPM/O Levels or its equivalent is required for the Diploma and HSC/STP/ A Levels for the Bachelors program. Mature students may be exempted from the above by the Admissions Committee.
  • Be proficient in the English Language
  • Have his/her pastor’s recommendation and is of good standing with the local church.

10.0 Costs.

Types of fees

Fees (RM)

Registration (one time only for credit students)


Cost per module (credit students)


Audit fees

200.00 for 1 module and
250.00 for 2 modules

Thesis fee


Transfer fee

25.00 per credit

Graduation fee


Accommodation fee (for outstation or overseas students)

200.00 per semester (Dorm, with air-condition)

11.0 Application procedures.

Write to:

Tung Ling Seminary Ipoh
C/o Canning Garden Baptist Church
3 Laluan Lee Kwee Foh,
Canning Garden, 31400 Ipoh.
Tel : 05-5468480
E Mail :tunglingipoh@gmail.com 
Website: www.tungling.org 

All courses conducted in the above address. 

Kindly make all cheques payable to “Tung Ling Seminary”