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  Diploma/Bachelor of Ministry (PIP) Overview

How our Diploma/Bachelor of Ministry Program works?

We offer Diploma of Ministry (code: PIP 1) and Bachelor of Ministry (code: PIP 2) courses under our Pastoral Interns Program. PIP is a combination of lectures, assignments and practical work. To gain credits, the students must complete the following:-

       •  Attend lectures, sit and pass an examinations for that module.
       •  Complete required reading and elective texts assignments.
       •  Complete practicum supervised by a mentor

Modules offered under PIP are carefully selected to help the student gain a deeper knowledge of the Word of God as well as develop practical skills that will equip them for life and ministry. The lecturers are experts in their respective field of study.

When a student accumulates sufficient credits by completing these modules and practicum, they will be awarded with the Diploma/Bachelor of Ministry. 

This program is suitable for, but not limited to, students who have completed the 12 weeks School of Ministry foundation course or its equivalent.

PIP is uniquely tailored to allow full-time workers having ministries in their own churches to attend it without interfering with those job functions. For example, a pastor from another town can attend PIP while still pastoring his church in his own town.

PIP is also suitable for people holding secular jobs. They can attend the 'night classes' for 4 weeks per year. They can also take one to two weeks leave per year to attend the 'day classes.'

This program is designed to suit your needs.

It is our belief that the best method of training and releasing men and women into the harvest field is to combine sound theological teaching with "on the job" training in an environment where they are mentored simultaneously. Mentoring and character building are emphasized in this course.

It is also a prerequisite that a suitable mentor be identified, prefarably from the same Church, before the candidate is accepted.


Each academic module in PIP is worth 4 credits and consists of 3 components. Students are also required to complete an accompanying practicum module worth of 1 credit.  Students must complete all the 3 components of the academic module and the practicum before the credits are awarded.

    • Lectures
      Attend 25 hours of lectures. Lectures will be held over 1 week for the Day School and 2 weeks for the Night School.
    • Examinations
      A student has to sit and pass an examination at the end of the lectures.
    • Assignments
      Complete all assignments related to the course within the next 5 months. Assignments include completing elective text studies and required reading assignments.
    Practicum is either project-based, such as pioneering a new project; or ongoing ministry, such as leading an existing outreach work in the church. All practicum must be supervised by a mentor. Practicum can be any practical application of course objectives in real-life work situations. Local and overseas missions can be included.


Below is a summary of the credits needed to graduate.


       Diploma of Ministry
       (Code: PIP 1)

       Bachelor of Ministry
       (Code: PIP 2)

       Foundation Courses I and II
       (School of Ministries etc. )



       Diploma of Ministry (PIP 1)



       Bachelor of Ministry (PIP 2)

              Not applicable


       Total credits needed to graduate

                     96 credits

                    128 credits


There are 2 intakes/terms each year - January and July
Enrolment will be opened 2 months before each term commences.
In each term, 2 modules will be offered - 1 for the Day School and 1 for the Night School.

By attending both the Day and Night Schools, a student can take 4 academic modules and 4 practicum per year and earn 20 credits, and thereby complete their Diploma of Ministry in 3 years and the Bachelor of Ministry in 4.5/5 years.


The following modules will be offered: (subject to change)

If your browser cannot load the image, please click HERE to view it.


The applicant must be:-

  • At least 18 years of age at the date of admission. Applicants who are below 21 years of age must have their parents/guardian’s letter of consent.
  • Have completed their secondary school and submit their secondary school results.
    A pass in the MCE/SPM/O-Levels or its equivalent is required for the Diploma and HSC/STP/A-Levels for the Bachelors program. Mature students may be exempted from the above by the Admissions Committee.
  • Be proficient in the English Language
  • Have their pastor’s recommendation and is of good standing with the local church.



       Types of fees

       Fees (RM)

       Registration (one time only for credit students)


       Cost per module (credit students)
       Cost per module (audit students)


       Cost per term (2 modules) (credit students)
       Cost per term (2 modules) (audit students)


       Thesis fee


       Credit Transfer fee

       25.00 per credit
       (capped at RM500)

       Graduation fee


       Accommodation fee
       (for outstation or overseas students)

       200.00 per semester
       (Dorm, with air-condition)


For Credit (Full-time) Students, click HERE to register for the next term
For New Credit Students, please download these relevant forms from HERE
       •   Application Form
       •   Confidential Reference
       •   Mentor’s Personal Information
and e-mail the forms to info.tungling@gmail.com   or admin@tungling.org

For Audit (Part-time) Students, click HERE to register for the next term

You can also write to us or visit us at:

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Taman Perindustrian UEP
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