Don't have a lockdown mentality

Don't have a lockdown mentality

Many parts of the world are in some form of a lockdown because of the pandemic and I am writing this article under lockdown in Kuala Lumpur where all churches are still unable to gather for our normal Sunday services. The number of new Covid19 infections in our country is around 15,000 daily and all non-essential services are closed for the more than a month now. While we are physically under lockdown, spiritually we must not have a “lockdown” mentality and know that as citizens of God’s heavenly kingdom, we can continue to make an impact on our world.

Chapter 16 of the book of Acts described what happened when Paul and Silas were “lockdown” in a Philippian prison after they cast out a spirit out of a girl who earns money through fortune telling. The girl’s masters realising that their source of income was gone, brought trumped up charges against Paul and Silas and got both of them beaten and thrown into prison with their legs chained in stocks. The prison could lock them down physically but their spirit refused to be locked down and they prayed and sang in spite of their physical hardships and circumstances. It was business as usual for Paul and Silas and as they worshipped, God’s kingdom power descended upon them and there was an earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken. The chains were broken and the prison doors were opened for them to escape and that night, the jailer and his household came to the Lord.

We may be locked down physically but spiritually, we can be just as powerful and impactful if we continue to walk in faith. The Psalmist tells us that even in the presence of our enemies, even in the presence of so many viruses, God will prepare a table before in the presence of our enemies which mean that God wants us to continue to enjoy His goodness, His providence, His fellowship, His presence, His word etc. despite the circumstances round about us. In fact, the scripture tells us that God will anoint us and bless us until our cup overflows and we will have more than enough to be a blessing to others.

When the pandemic began, the classes in Tung Ling had to go online immediately and we thought it will affect the enrolment and our finances drastically. Like Paul and Silas, our staff could only pray and cried out to the Lord for help and we saw God moved in extraordinary ways. Not only was our enrolment not affected, we even had increased enrolments in some of our programs. We also saw God’s blessings on the financial contributions our seminary not only continued unabated but we were able to launch a new learning management system for the students, start a new School of Ministry video program for our Tamil department, reach out to our alumni in a greater way and recruit new lecturers from overseas.

With God on our side, let us not be trapped by the mentality that we are in lockdown but we can continue to expect God’s kingdom to be at work in every area of our lives. We believe that our Lord Jesus is the ladder into God’s kingdom and it is pulsating and brimming over with provisions and with all that we need for our ministries and our lives.

And He said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man."

John 1:51 NKJV

Ron Hee


August 2021