Building Church For Eternity

Building Church For Eternity

What was your ambition when you were little? Most of us can recall our answers to this question - an astronaut, a pilot. a race car driver, an army general, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or a successful entrepreneur. As for me, I had thought of becoming an air-force pilot.

As I grew older, however, something else became clear to me, which is the value of doing something that will have a truly lasting impact. As a Christian, I realized that there is no job with as many implications for eternity as a pastoral job. Today, I consider that it is truly an honour to be called by God to build and plant a biblical church in preparation for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, I realized that pastoral work is much more challenging than being a government servant or a CEO of a large corporation.

In the construction industry , a contractor has his drawings and specifications to comply with, all established with great care by architects and consultants. In a similar manner, the pastors and their church leaders have biblical specifications to comply with in order to produce the kind of church Jesus would want. As human beings, we all have our favorite places, things and even people which became part of our comfort zone we habitually turn to for company or pleasure, causing us to lose our sight on what is important. There are not many of us who live without these distractions or dependencies, but Jesus was different. He lived to do His utmost for the church and for God's Kingdom, where He laid the foundation for the church, trained the church, even died for the church, as it was of great importance for Him and His Kingdom. Therefore, we should all live in the knowledge that the church will be the Bride of Jesus for eternity and therefore must invest our whole lives into making the church into how He wants it to be.

As a parting note, Christians are the only group of people that have a hope for eternity in heaven, where they can receive rewards from the Lord Almighty for what they have done for His church and God's Kingdom while living in this world. This should prompt us to rethink our priorities in life, our values, and our perspectives so that we can make the most of our precious life on earth to change the lives of others and also share our blessings with them.

Nick Resien Anak Mitin

Graduate of School of Ministry 2021

Faith Sanctuary of Glory, Kota Bahru, Malaysia

May 2021